Some members want friendship. TC gives us the opportunity to meet new people and potentially
create friends for life. A network to tap into for social and personal support and open a whole host
on unimaginable doors and opportunities. It’s not uncommon for people’s circle of real friends (not
just on facebook) to decrease as careers and family commitments take precedence so members look
to TC to nurture old friendships and create new. Everyone is likeminded but brings their own
personalities and diversities to the group. Feeling part of something is exciting. It’s unusual to meet
new friends now and especially integrated with other friends. We are becoming increasingly siloed
as our former friendships are starting to dwindle. TC looks to end this trend and looks forward to a
friendship fueled future.

New Experiences

Some members just want a wicked night out doing something in the Capital that is original and fun.
We only live once and London has a plethora of amazing experiences and adventures to tap into and
TC gives us the opportunity to do cool things and cross off bucket list items.
Everyone is hand selected by an existing member, their preferred choice out of all their existing
friends that will share the ethos and enthusiasm and never let you down. The result is an elite of
people that just want to have a bloody good time and highly capable of doing so.

Life Balance

Some members want a good life balance. We are conscious that people have existing commitments
whether it be spending time with partners and children or working our arses off to gain that next
promotion to further our careers. TC gives us a guaranteed night out once a month to ensure we
have a good work life balance and able to have time to ourselves to remain individual and resist
being a cog in a machine or a rat in the race.