Summary of Rules

  • TC will be held monthly on the last Thursday of every month unless otherwise agreed
  • Events will be Curious, Original and Noteworthy
  • Attendance should be prioritised above other activities with very few exceptions
  • There is no higher authority – TC is run by the members for the members

Comprehensive Rules

  1.  Attendance

1.1 Members must attend
If members are in the country and in good health they must prioritise attendance at TC
events. Members must attend all TC events where possible.

1.2 Attendance exception – out of the country
On the agreed date of the event, should a member be out of the country (which is defined as
England and not the UK) then lack of attendance will not be punished with a black mark.

1.2.1 Out of the country participation
Should a member be out the country and therefore be unable to attend a TC event, the
absent member should recreate the event using the resources available and upload
media to the whatsapp

1.3 Attendance exception – hospitalisation
On the agreed date of the event, should a member be hospitalised then lack of attendance
will not be punished with a black mark

1.4 Attendance exception – Bereavement
On the agreed date of the event, should a member have had a recent or potential
bereavement then lack of attendance will not be punished with a black mark

1.5 Attendance exception – case by case
All other reasons for missing a TC event are punishable with a black mark unless the
members at the TC event in question feel that the absentee’s case should be investigated
and potentially overturned. See rule 2.5 for further details on black mark discretion.

2. Black Marks

2.1 Issuing black marks
Black marks will be awarded to any member who fails to attend any TC event and whose
absenteeism is not qualified by at least one of the exceptions laid out in the attendance
rules (rule 1.) or overturned by democratic decision as outlined in rule 1.5.

2.2 Black mark consequences
Any member that carries 2 black marks will be permanently omitted from TC

2.2.1 Should a member wish to return to the group following black mark omission, they can
elect to have a permanent tattoo with the letters T.C. inked onto their chosen buttock

2.3 Black mark expiry
A black mark will remain with the offending member for a period of 12 months from the date
it was administered. Black Marks will be removed from members following this point.

2.4 Black mark guaranteed
Black marks will be issued for any of the following reasons without the need for group
debate and democratic decision:

a) Tiredness
b) Sniffles / under the weather
c) Pre-planned activities eg a gig
d) Work priorities
e) No reason provided

2.5 Black mark discretion
In some circumstances, members may feel that an absentee’s case should be investigated. A
democratic vote will be held at the TC event for which said member is absent to decide if the
reason for missing the event is acceptable and thus the black mark should be rescinded. A
majority decision will hold and any tie will favour black marking.

3. Events

3.1 Events should be CON
Events should be Curious, Original and Noteworthy. This rule is not enforced but will reflect
badly on member and recruiter should an event fail to comply.

3.2 Event ownership
Members take it in turns to organise the events

3.3 Event organisation
Event owner will organise the full event and use facebook to invite members and provide
details of the location and time

3.4 Event Costs
Event owner will pay for the full event including all subsistence and invoice the members for
payment following the event

3.5 Event price
There are no restrictions on price but events should represent good value and mindful of
expense. As a rule of thumb, events including all subsistence average £50-60 over the year
and it is recommended prior approval is sought from the group should this average be
significantly exceeded

3.6 Event repayment
Payment for participation in an event requires prompt payment to the event owner.
Payments not paid by the next TC event day will be charged at 10% interest per day of late
payment until the balance is paid

3.6.1 Non-attending payment
Payments are still due for any expenses incurred if a member is no longer able to attend
having formerly agreeing to do so. This is regardless of whether the event is missed for
permissible reasons or non-permissive (black mark incurring) reasons.

3.7 Events suggestions
Members can draw inspiration from the wider group and indeed execute suggestions made
as long as they are deemed CON

3.8 Event location
Events should be accessible to the whole group and London based unless prior approval
from the group is granted.

3.9 Time at events
There is no minimum time a member needs to at an event to qualify for attendance, and
thus not receive a black mark. However, it should be noted that poor time attendance could
be viewed as lacking commitment but equally could show great commitment to make the
last few minutes of a TC after a flight for eg.

3.10 TC Events are monthly
TC events will take place monthly

3.11 Event date
TC events will take place on the last Thursday of every month barring exceptions laid out in

3.12 Date exceptions
Should an event need to take place on a different date (ie not the last Thursday of the
month) for whatever reason (eg activity only takes place on Wednesdays) the organising
member will need to gain full agreement from the group to move the date whether they can
attend or not

3.12.1 Date move – black mark exception
Should full agreement be granted any member that is unable to attend the revised date
will not incur a black mark

3.12.2 Date move – black mark rules reintroduced
Once a revised date has been agreed and participants confirmed normal black mark
rules apply

3.13 Event secrecy
There is no requirement for events to be a surprise, however members are encouraged to do this should it add to the experience and give only a minimum of notice of required meeting point.

3.14 Extra curricula TC
Additional events may be organised outside of the monthly Thursday rhythm with all or a subset of the group and actively encouraged.  Whilst these are not subject to the same rules as monthly TC events, members are highly encouraged to adopt the principles and intent of TC.

4. Recruitment

4.1 Open recruitment
Anyone can suggest a potential candidate for recruitment although the last person to join
the group has priority and encouraged to lead recruitment

4.2 One at a time
Only one new member at a time will introduced to TC

4.3 Quality control
Candidates for TC must be committed and share the ethos of the group and should form the
member’s absolute best choice

4.4 Diversity
TC encourages diversity and welcome’s all walks of life

5. Leadership

5.1 No leader

The members of TC own TC there is no ruling hierarchy instead decision are made at a
directly democratic level. Rules are created by the members alone. All TC members have completely equal rights as soon as they attend their first TC.

5.2 Administrator
The TC member with the longest membership will administer the group to ensure clarity of
rules, run democratic decision making process and provide support and advisory to

5.3 Decision making
Should a decision be required to select a person for a task or similar, members are encouraged to use creative versions of ‘Gin Face’ or ‘Fives’ to select the member.

6. Other

6.1 Left handed shaking
To distinguish from any other social engagement and to maintain a long-standing tradition
TC members will address each other with a left handed hand shake. This only applies at official monthly TC events.