October TC 2017

Retro Computer Gaming – Rich Langrish – 26th October 2017

This month’s TC was the first gaming themed event of the group and the first to take place in Peckham.  It was miserable October evening and while it was close to Halloween, the scariest thing about that night was fear of going that far south on a Thursday and without stab vests.
Assembling at John the Unicorn we sipped on a range of craft beers, and once our thumbs were suitably lubed, we walked the short distance to Four Quarters. Four Quarters is a retro paradise and a place that we dreamed about when we were younger. We were given the exclusive console room where we sat on beer kegs and indulged in Sonic the Hedgehog, GoldenEye, Street Fighter 2 & Mario Kart.
After a couple of issues with dodgy controllers, the competition began in earnest, and it immediately became clear that many people’s gaming experience stopped at the 16bit era.  After much button mashing, shouting and sweat, a champion emerged as Ray pipped Noodle to take the Golden Duck trophy and all the plaudits (though yours truly received the Sonic the Hedgehog time trial award).
Dinner was at the delicious Mama Dough where we worked up an appetite beforehand by getting lost and losing JB in the Peckham wilderness.
Will M
Jon Scott-Bryan

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