November TC 2017

Lucha Britannia Mexican Wrestling – Will McManus – 30th November 2017

Sometimes, the stars align in TC world and a Curious, Original and Noteworthy event happening on the last Thursday of the month pops up in your Facebook feed. Perfect.

Such was the case with the Lucha Britannia Mexican Wrestling show at Winterville on Clapham Common. Following a few rounds at the State Street Syndicate, TC took a long walk across Clapham Common looking for the entrance to the big top where the colourful, acrobatic, in-your-face wrestling was taking place.

A royal rumble that spilled into the crowd, one-on-one grudge matches, tag team punch-ups, some bizarre burlesque interval acts and a final face off that ended with the crowd in the ring added up to a truly Curious TC.

TC visited:

Stane Street Syndicate, Clapham High St
Winterville, Clapham Common
Byron, Clapham High St


Will McManus
Mark Atkin
Rob Brooke
Jon Scott-Bryan
Dan Simpson
Ross Walsby
Jonny Sharp
Robin McIntosh
Richard Langrish

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