March TC 2016

Laser Quest – Dan Simpson – 31st March 2016

The high drama and debate started early on this TC, with late drop outs and a shambolic range of no shows from possible new additions leading to probably the lowest turnout of any TC since the early days. Quality rather than quantity was the order of the day.

The evening began with an array of stronger-than-you-think craft beers at the White Hart Brew Pub, Whitechapel in celebration of the recent announcements of pregnancies in a number of TC member’s families, ensuring the TC bloodline continued to the next generation.

From here we had our first visit to the abandoned warehouse that would subsequently become TC’s unofficial spiritual home – Play On Sports (RIP!). In what would likely have once been the car park, some ingenious soul had built a large wooden complex that served as the arena for this month’s activity – Laser Tag.

Whilst we waited for the main event to begin we took advantage of the range of vintage arcade games available to us, with a number of TC members demonstrating their failed NBA careers by taking on the basketball game from increasingly ambitious range – eventually culminating in a decision that things had gone too far once we ended up shooting over the people playing on the air hockey table.

As the other laser tag participants assembled we were informed that even the poor attendance was too much for the teams of six that we had to split into and Ollie (for a reason that I can no longer remember) was swiftly donated to one of the other three teams. A variety of strategies and tactics were on show over the course of the two games, ranging from Dan’s “these bullets cost money” approach to Noodle’s “shoot first, ask what team the person was on later”.

TC ran out dominant winners in the end, though Ollie put in a valiant individual performance as he carried his adopted team. The winners of the loser-buys-the-beer competition were Ray and Dan for each of the two games.

A fantastic curry at Tayyabs rounded off the evening, with Dan and Ray naturally dispatched to a nearby Tesco for the beers.


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