January TC 2016

Pub Golf and Bar Games – Tom Barnes – 28 January 2016

Started off with mini golf in the back of the duke of Edinburgh pub in Brixton, big beer garden where hey erected a marquee and put some putt putt in, freezing out.

Some quick Uber’s took us to the Mongolian Grill, an all you can eat hot pot joint in Clapham. Different types of soup and you cook all sorts of meat and veg in the soup whilst mixing up your own sauces

Onto the pièces de résistance, The Four Thieves pub, a 2 level pub with an entire floor dedicated to games, big projector screens of street fighter including a huge remote control car track with racing chairs and steering wheels. TB took the crown of racing king while McManus took the innocence of a lady 10yrs older then him. A noodle lookalike was also stopped sucking face while noodle was home in bed, appropriate photos where taken

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