January TC 2015

Red Dog Saloon – Simon Monteath – 29th January 2015

The Red Dog Saloon offers a series of eating challenges.  The TC team each took on an enormous burger.  They say you should never eat something bigger than your head and definitely not with a belly full of beers.  Our mission was accomplished with all of us finishing the mountain sized burger although we were in for a night of meat sweats.  Not content with just polishing off the world’s largest burger we decided to take on the hot chicken wing challenge.  We were all given surgical gloves and asked to signed a disclaimer before tucking into the hot chicken arms. Monty and Noodle had a whole one each whilst the others had a nibble.  Monty and Noodle were silent for the rest of the night.  I cannot put into words how hot these wings were.  It was truly like eating lava.

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