February TC 2018

Pool tournament – Matt Smyth – 22nd February 2018

TC February 18 kicked off at the Lord Nelson, Southwark. A very quirky venue with the feel of a student bar (not sure that it wasn’t a student bar).

Complaints to management about substituting in horse meat had been dealt with by actually advertising burgers as such. Jonny said he would give it a go, but never really gave it a chance when he revealed a chronic mayonnaise addiction and proceeded to smother his Phar Lap burger with mayo.

We then moved on to the business end of the night, down another dark alley of London for some seriously competitive pool action. A quick, well organised and professional round of seeding got the tournament underway.

The rules of pool were agreed, sort it out at your own table, there would not be one set for the evening. Shockingly for Noodle this didn’t actually lead to anarchy. Ollie and JB did however quickly take advantage of the flexible rules in the first match against Rich & Matt by playing in the wrong direction off a penalty shot. This ultimately proved the turning point in the match and was the only reason they never won a game. Ultimately losing to Andy & Jonny in the wooden spoon shoot out.

Live, in-match betting was available throughout the evening. Every member started the night with a pot of £10. Bets could be placed on anything, so long as you could find someone to match your bet.

The final came down to Ollie & JB v Tim & Ray. An absolute nail biter that saw over £100 change hands in the betting ring. Ultimately Ollie and JB prevailed as TC pool champions. With Dan and Rob emerging as the major hustlers, having accumulated over half the groups money between them.

Rob and Dan put it all on the line for a one ball showdown. With Rob using Tim as a proxy. With over £50 at stake and the black setup, Dan attempted to finish in style playing for the double off the opposite cushion only to miss leaving Tim with an unmissable shot and Rob the happiest man of the night taking home the title of chip leader and pocketing over £50 to earn a free Thursday Club.

Final Rankings:
1. Ollie & JB
2. Ray & Tim
3. Dan & Noodle
4. Will & Rob
5. Andy & Johnny
6. Matt & Rich

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